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Super Rush

Super Rush

Product Review (submitted on September 18, 2015):
I have ordered PWD Super Rush 30 ML and PWD Rush 30 ML Poppers Pronto Combo and I was very impressed by the Price, Shipping Time and the Product! WOW! The quality of the products are GREAT! I have bought Poppers from their competition and they are NOT as powerful! When I received the Poppers Pronto poppers they have a GREAT Kick to them! Almost like the "Original" Poppers from Back in the Day when they were made out of Amyl Nitrite and Butyl nitrite! I am very HAPPY to have a GREAT quality Product! The Shipping time was GREAT! It got here in 2 to 3 days! Very well packaged and Discreet! And of course, the GREAT Pricing of these affordable products! Poppers Pronto... I thank you very much for everything!