Jungle Juice Poppers Pronto

So, I have been stead fast Jungle Juice Poppers Pronto fan right from the moment solvent cleaners crossed my path.  A lot of them are really great, but I found myself constantly searching for a deeper and more satisfying clean.  It seemed as though no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get to where I wanted with the cleaners I was using. After researching products on my own, my partner saw my frustration and told me about Jungle Juice Poppers Pronto.

He told me that this is the stuff people use when they have been polishing for quite a while and their old formulas no longer work the same.  He said Jungle Juice is supposed to smell better than ever too, so I decided to give it a try.  I’m certainly glad I did. My partner always knows where to find the best stuff, and that’s why I listen to him.  This instance was no exception, but I really didn’t expect it to be.

Boy, as soon as I tried Jungle Juice Poppers Pronto had me hooked.  I was making plans for the next use in the middle of my first cleaning job with it.  This bottle is kind of tiny, but it sure cleans up big time. I remember thinking to myself: wow, he wasn’t kidding about this stuff.  I haven’t smelled anything as invigorating and refreshing in a long time.

At this point, I keep bottles of Jungle Juice stashed around my house.  I even have some in the car, just in case I get the feeling to clean on the go.  I also go for the 30ml bottle now because, well, it just makes the most sense.  I mean, since I’m going to be using Jungle Juice Poppers Pronto a lot, I might as well go big or go home, right?

Talking about going big: one bottle of this blend had me working on one of the biggest cleaning jobs I have ever seen.  The entire time I was scrubbing I could only think about how enjoyable the aroma was.  It smelled like freshness and it was extremely potent.  In fact, my cleaning partner and I had to move to a better ventilated area, which we should have done to begin with according to the instructions on the bottle.  Now, I only clean in wide-open spaces and I am much happier for it.

For those looking or even searching for another formula, one extremely powerful, I have been told that Clock Cleaners are the most potent potion there is! This will be my next endeavor as I feel I am now ready for the challenge. Monster Clock and BBC sure sounds like brands for anyone who enjoys cleaning as much as I do!!  I would especially suggest Clock Cleaners Poppers Pronto to those people who need to kick things up a notch.  Keep in mind that this stuff was not designed to be used inappropriately, even if you get the urge.  I learned my lesson the hard way on that one, so don’t be like me. Those directions on the bottle are there for a reason, I know that!