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Poppers Review "Here's why I am a Poppers Pronto customer for life.."

Thursday, September 22, 2016 7:30:50 AM America/New_York

If you’re looking for a purchase to that give you that extra something special, the Poppers website is the best. I will certainly be ordering from the Pronto guys again and again. I’m looking forward to trying out some of other Clock Cleaners too! Jungle Juice and Crazy Cuckoo 30 ml, was an instant hit. It seemed as though it may have decreased in power much less rapid than some of the otherRead More
Comments | Posted in Poppers Blog By Russ from St. Louis

Big Black Clock 30ml Poppers Pronto

Monday, September 5, 2016 7:11:41 AM America/New_York

Big Black Clock 30ml Poppers Pronto I have a confession to make: I originally bought this stuff as a prank. I mean come one, the label reads “BIG BLACK CLOCK.” That’s hilarious!Read More
Comments | Posted By Poppers Pronto

A stead fast Jungle Juice Poppers Pronto Fan

Monday, September 5, 2016 6:17:03 AM America/New_York

So, I have been a stead fast Jungle Juice Poppers Pronto fan right from the moment solvent cleaners crossed my path. A lot of them are really great, but I found myself constantly searching for a deeper and more satisfying clean.Read More
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A Great Review for The Clock Cleaners Combo

Thursday, July 14, 2016 2:02:00 AM America/New_York

A Great review for the Clock Cleaners brand solvent cleaner combo pack from Poppers Pronto!

I figured since I have tried everything they have to offer, I should probably share my story with people who aren’t sure which one to buy. First off, the combo pack comes with eight different bottles of the top selling liquids made by the Clock Cleaners brand. It took me a while to get through the entire set, but I pulled it off with flying colors. Don’t get me wrong, it was a massive amount of fun. I just don’t have as much time to play as I used to. As I was going through the pack I wrote notes on each product so I could tell them apart and find my favorite one later. I’m not going to tell you which one it is, but I will say that it made me fall in love immediately. Maybe one of the eight will do the same for you:

• Original – This blend made me realize why the Clock Cleaners brand is considered to be number one. It has the powerful odor you’d expect from a reliable solvent cleaner, but it is not displeasing to the senses at all. They must have used some sort of magic formula to come up with this stuff.

Original clock cleaners

• Rough n Tumble – This blend was just a little bit strong than the original, which was powerful enough. I think it was designed for people who like it rough, hence the name. It definitely goes to work quickly, maybe too quickly for newcomers. Still, it smells kind of sexy and it does a good job at helping you achieve a deep scrub.

• Big Ben – This stuff was obviously made for someone with a hefty cleaning appetite, or for someone who has a big polishing job to handle. It doesn’t smell much stronger than the original, but it definitely packs more of a punch. I think Big Ben is right on time (clever, I know).

• Crazy Cuckoo – This one was one of my favorites. It’s so fun and energizing to use. I believe it was designed to be that way, and I think that’s cool. This little bottle got a gold star on my list for being extremely effective and a downright pleasure to clean with – before and after.



• Big Black Clock – This is totally an amazing product. Talk about a solvent cleaner that wastes no time. I hear it’s called BBC in most circles, and I can see why. I mean, don’t products with a huge and loyal following always get nicknamed? I would try this one first because it definitely sets the mood.

big black clock aka bbc by clock cleaners

• Monster Clock – This blend is apparently made for people who have been cleaning for a long time because it is exceptionally potent. It features a picture of a Godzilla-like monster on the label to signify its power. I feel like the makers of this one sort of did that on purpose because this bad boy gives a monster-sized treatment.

monster clock 30ml by clock cleaners


• Castro – This formula wasn’t my favorite but it was still good. My friend, however, thought it was the best. I guess it is more of an acquired taste, and that’s fine. I’d say it is for people who want to try something a little smoother and more direct.


• Clock Cleaner Platinum – This one is considered the cream of the crop and is definitely not for newbie cleaners. I’d say: if you have been cleaning for a long time and want to rev things up, try this one. It definitely has the power to satisfy.

So there’s my rundown of the Clock Cleaners brand solvent cleaner combo pack. With eight bottles it should be pretty easy to find one you really like. Happy sampling!

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4 Item(s)