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Blue Boy 30ml

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Blue Boy Poppers from Poppers Pronto with this staple on the poppers scene since the early 70′s.
Blue Boy 30ml is available for purchase in increments of 1


Blue Boy Poppers from Poppers Pronto


Blue Boy Poppers from Poppers Pronto with this staple on the poppers scene since the early 70′s and one of the senior’s for a reason! Ironically called the San Francisco Treat as they hail from Canada way bringing with them the cool, relaxed and sensual feelings that come forth from our Northern neighbors finest aromas. So yes, despite other sites claiming to selling the “Original European Formula” these are in fact Canadian! And these “Experts” simply do not know wtf they’re talking about. Blue Boy poppers do have a pleasant smell and most people just need a small amount to get off! Expect them to have a nice duration, a good 4 or 5 minutes of smooth effect with a very relaxing landing...

Finally, the last good thing we’ll note about Blue Boy Poppers is their price. A 30ml will run for less than $17 USD which is our standard rock bottom price for a 30ml AND NO were not adding a padded cost to it calling it a “Premium” label like most simply because its “popular”! Consider this one for a quantity purchase, 10 bottles would run you just over $100USD. This works out to an equivalent of 30 10ml bottles!!! Thats a DEAL! Even the tall bottles come with Power Pak Pellets for freshness and are resealable. If this is your brand then you know we have the best prices for your favorite poppers! Haven’t tried Blue Boy yet? We definitely recommended one. This boy is no slouch!

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