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PWD Bolt 10ml

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PWD Bolt 10ml Poppers from Poppers from Poppers Pronto is literally history in a bottle! August 2014 PWD Bolt 10ml Poppers was re-released by the PWD company after almost 5 year drought of REAL Bolt. PWD are the same company making Rush poppers, Quick Silver, Hard Ware and many others these have become a staple in many households over the years. PWD Bolt 10ml Poppers from Poppers Pronto hit the Popper scene back in 1977, Hollywood Ca. to be exact where its been a star ever since! And just like any celeb. he’s received his share of the spotlight over the years having articles and profiles in TIME Magazine, Hustler, London’s Daily Mirror & the U.K. edition of Penthouse. Now a collectors’ item, the San Francisco artist REX, created erotic posters featuring Heavy Duty Bolt in the early years that are still damn cool today and displayed with pride on this here site! This stuff was considered so potent in it’s had lasting run for over 25 years despite an aroma which quite strong and not super pleasant like others are made to be. ~These are very strong poppers and NOT recommend for a first popper! Most popular in the 10ml size as they have the Power Pak Pellet for freshness. The price on these are the cheapest by far coming in for under $15USD! Well worth the cost plus an added iconic history lesson!

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Size 10ml

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